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Suppose I have a website protected with ssl. It has a video tag, and the video tag uses a URL such as http://www.somesite.com/somevideo.mp4. I assume that the video would not be encrypted. Now lets assume that the video comes from the same website, and so has a prefix of https. Would it be encrypted?

Now lets suppose that the website is not protected with SSL, but the video URL comes from a https site that is. Will the video be encrypted?

And in general, is there a problem with mixing the two? For instance, if by a mistake a video from the same site (assuming the site is ssl protected) is put in the src attribute of the video tag without the https prefix, what will happen?


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Though I haven't played with html5 video, I can confidently say that http requests employ a non-encrypted transport; and https requests employ an encrypted transport.

When a browser is rendering an https page, subsequent http content requests generally produce a warning that unencrypted requests are being made subsequent to the page's encrypted request (e.g. Chrome and Firefox show a little warning icon near the URL).

When a browser is rendering an http page, subsequent https content requests produce no warning.

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