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I'm doing a project is about Creating an Android Application for Mobile Phone to Control the PC I'm asking what the version of android should I use is android 2.3 good choice or there is another opinion ? and what the programs I need to create this application ? thank you

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You can connect the android to your PC over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So basically you will need two applications 1) a server running on your PC and 2) an app on the android side.

Android 2.3 should work fine, but you should be aware to not use newer API

If you will develop your PC program with Java you can use the Robot class to control the keyboard and mouse

See this project for an example:



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thanks for your useful answer I install eclips and sdk and start design the interface for this application and I hope if you give me advise what the next step how I can made the connect between the application and the PC I think about using MYSQL as a server thanks again –  Little Princese Feb 24 '13 at 17:53
MySQL should be suitable as your database if you have a server that support multi-users. But if your application will run on Desktop PC for a single user, you can consider SQLite as your embedded database. –  iTech Feb 24 '13 at 19:35

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