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So, I have an element that has some "pre-existing" behavior attached to it. So, I found that just moving it (as required by some new requirements) retains the existing behaviors = good. But the issue is, when I move the element I need to give it "new styles".

So, if I have something like this:

<div id="existingStructure">
    <div id="legacyElement"></div>

Now, that has pre-existing styles attached to both. I can rearrange these styles etc.. but I can't change them. The styles are attached to the "id's" rather than a class definition. I believe I can change that if needed.

Now, I need to move "legacyElement" when certain things happen to a "new div". I just


<div id="newStructure">
    <div id="legacyElement"></div>

Unfortunetly, the styles I have on newStructure don't seem to be applying to *legacyElement" when it gets moved here dynamically.

I was thinking of moving all the styles to a class rather than associated to the ids, and when I move it.. I just jQuery().addClass / jQuery().removeClass etc...

Is there a better/easier more robust way that I can just have the legacyElement loose its styles when it sits under existingStructure and then get new ones when moved to "newStructure" etc.. and vice versa. That element "legacyElement" will be pinging back and forth.. so, I need it to have the styles under each parent div as it goes there.

so when an action happens on page, I move it back:


If I am not succinct enough, please let me know.

The EXISTING styles are in an external CSS file and are like so..

#existingStructure {
   // bunch of css

#existingStructure .item1 input[type="text"] {
   // bunch of css

   // bunch of css

and new styles are sorta the same except 'additional styles' might be applied.

#newStructure {
   // bunch of css

#newStructure .item1 input[type="text"] {
   // bunch of css
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How are you setting the styles? – bfavaretto Feb 18 '13 at 21:21
The styles are set in a CSS file.. like so: dang. can't do it here, see original post.. edit that. – james emanon Feb 18 '13 at 21:23
You know it's jQuery('#existingStructure').append($('#legacyElement')); Notice the extra jQuery search call inside .append(). – Austin Mullins Feb 18 '13 at 21:37
yeah, just short-handing it. thanks though. – james emanon Feb 18 '13 at 21:38
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You can certainly target your div styles by their parents:

#existingStructure #legacyElement {some styles}
#newStructure #legacyElement {some other styles}

To explain futher, this arrangement should result in greater specificity, overriding styles that are simply applied to either #existingStructure or #legacyElement. I'm hoping no one did anything foolish like using !important on them.

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hmm. let me try this. Thanks. – james emanon Feb 18 '13 at 21:27

Short answer: It should.

Here's an example I quickly made in jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/CCm4J/1/

So then why isn't yours? Most likely you have css rules that are embedded that apply only when in the existingStructure id/class perhaps? Without see more of your css I'm not sure how specific I can get. I would just verify that your css rules are allowed to apply outside of existingStructure (and even that existingStructure might have rules for its parent too!)

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