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I've been trying to find the answer to this in the chef docs and through Google, but I've not been able to come up with anything. I'm not a ruby guy (yet), so the answer to this might stem from my approaching the problem with "just enough ruby for Chef". Here's what I want to do: in my deploy resource, in the before_migrate attribute, I want to execute a resource in my current recipe. What I am doing currently is to just stuff the resource into the block itself, but I know there must be a better way to do it.

before_migrate do

    template "#{app_root}/#{applet_name}/local_settings.py" do
        source "local_settings.py.erb"
        owner app_config['user']
        group app_config['group']
            :database_name => app_config['postgresql']['database_name'],
            :user => app_config['postgresql']['user'],
            :password => app_config['postgresql']['password']
        action :create

What I'm aiming for is something like

before_migrate do
    "template #{app_root}/#{applet_name}/local_settings.py".execute

So I can re-use that template code. Thanks!

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You could specify the resource outside of the "deploy" resource with an action of nothing and then, in the *before_migrate* do something like:

    before_migrate do

        ruby_block "notify_template" do
            block do
            action :create
            notifies :create, "template[#{app_root}/#{applet_name}/local_settings.py]", :immediately


That way, you can notify it when you need it.

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Thanks to the great guys in the #chef IRC channel, I solved my problem. The notification resource needs to be accessed directly, using

Chef::Resource::Notification.new("template[#{app_root}/#{applet_name}/local_settings.py", :create)

Which will notify the template resource to run the :create action.

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