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I'm trying to push data to an HTML table (TDs have ids) using tabletop.js. I can pull the entire array in one of the tds, but how do I pull in just one value from the array that the tabletop.js builds?

$.each( tabletop.sheets("schools").all(), function(i, name) {
      var One = $('<p> '+ + '</p>');

This puts every value in the column 'one' spreadsheet in one td cell with a roundOne id. I only want the first value in the first roundOne td, then the second value in the second roundOne td etc.

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Wrap your td selector in jquery, and then only select the ith element. When you select "td[id$=roundOne]", it selects all of the td's with that id.

Here's a working example.

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That did it. Thanks a lot. –  user1410712 Feb 18 '13 at 23:42

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