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First, if the model file has

    ident Text
    password Text Maybe
    UniqueUser ident

we can type

cabal-dev install && yesod --dev devel

and everything works on the first time. All tables are build up etc. However, after closing the server and starting it again with the above command, yesod wants to build up Myuser-table again, even though it can be found from the db.

One way is to add a dummy field, like "abool Bool" to Myuser. Is there a way to declare a table that has only one field (the automatically generated id-field) with persistent?

Second question is about mkMigrate. Yesod-book gives an example with parameter "migrateAll". What other parameters it can eat? On scaffolded site mkSave "EntityDefs" didn't work, because Application.hs refers to migrateAll.

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