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I'm trying to get element name by jquery -

please check the following example code: (or http://jsbin.com/usujeq/2/watch)

<div name = "foo1">
  <div name = "foo2">
    <div name = "foo3">
      <div name = "foo4">
        <button id = "clickme" type="button">

<script type="text/javascript">
$('#clickme').click( function() {
  $(this).parents().each( function() {

if I click clickme, it should go up all over the DOM from <div name="foo4"> to <html> and log their names.

expected result is :


prop('name') returns undefined while attr('name') gives expected names. what is wrong with prop('name') in above code?

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@MikeHogan no, from all <div>s – thkang Feb 18 '13 at 23:00
That's simply not valid HTML5: html5.validator.nu – Matt Ball Feb 18 '13 at 23:05
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I believe the main issue here is that div elements do not have a name attribute by default (see Global attributes). If you were to perform your original JavaScript code on input elements, it would likely work because input elements have name attributes.

jQuery's .attr() method is able to parse even non-standard attributes (example).

jQuery's .prop() method is mostly used for properties such as checked and disabled, so using .attr() is probably the best course of action in any case.

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Input elements, for example, have the name property. divs do not have a property of name because that is not an inherent property of a div. I threw a fiddle together to explain the difference. http://jsfiddle.net/c7qDC/

When you add a name="foo1", it sets an additional attribute to the element. Whereas, an input has an inherent property named name.

See the documentation on input elements for the properties that they have.

and compare that with the documentation for a div.

I'm sorry for emphasizing "property" so much. I'm just trying to make a point of the difference between a property and an attribute. You can set additional attributes on elements, whereas properties are inherent of the element type.

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