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I am trying to split sentence into individual words using Boost::regex. But it is not printing the last word. Any ideas what is wrong?

The code is:

#include <iostream>
#include <boost/regex.hpp>
using namespace std;
using namespace boost;

int main() {
smatch matchResults;
regex whiteChars("(.*?)[\\s]");
string p = "This is a sentence";
for(string::const_iterator sit = p.begin(), sitend = p.end(); sit != sitend;)
    regex_search(sit, sitend, matchResults, whiteChars);
        cout << matchResults[1] << endl;
    sit = matchResults[0].second;
return 0;

Expected Output: 
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Your last word is followed by $ and not \\s, so your current regex - "(.*?)[\\s]" will not match it.

You can try out this:


or even better, this may also work:

([^\\s]*)  // Just get all the non-space characters. That is what you want
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std::regex rgx("\\s");
std::string p("This is a sentence");
std::regex_token_iterator current(p.begin(), p.end(), rgx, -1);
std::regex_token_iterator end;
while (current != end)
    std::cout << *current++ << '\n';

This should also work with Boost's regex. I haven't written that code because I'm not up on the details of Boost.

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