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I am executing the following code:

CallableStatement cs;
cs = conn.prepareCall("{ ? = call mypackage.myfunc()}");
cs.registerOutParameter(1, OracleTypes.CURSOR);
ResultSet rs = (ResultSet) cs.getObject(1);

The function is declared as follows:

return sys_refcursor 
a_cursor sys_refcursor; 
open a_cursor for select * from mytable; 
return a_cursor; 
end myfunc; 
end mypackage; 

According to the documentation, if there is a result then cs.execute() will return true and cs.getResultSet() will have a value. However, this is the output I get:


I am using Oracle Express 11.2.0 and the latest driver.

Any hints/explanations/things to try will be very welcome.


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getResultSet() is typically used with PreparedStatements that return data from a SQL SELECT query, not with calls to stored procedures or functions. So I completely expect the false and null values you are seeing.

If you have a stored procedure that returns one or more ref cursors, then you fetch the values using getObject and cast them to ResultSets. In fact, your code above does exactly this, so I don't understand why you need 'things to try'.

A SQL SELECT statement has to send the selected data somewhere, but because you can't put a bind parameter or suchlike into the SQL to act as the destination for the data, you require a separate mechanism for getting access to this data via JDBC. This is what getResultSet() is for. Your function returns a ref cursor via a bind parameter, so there isn't any need for an implicit 'result', as you can access the data via the bind parameter.

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Hello Luke, Thank you for the reply. I am aware that I wouldn't need the getResultSet() call since the parameter is already bound and I can do cs.getObject(1), but I am facing a design issue where I would need getResultSet() to return the cursor (I have no control over this code, that's why - the above code is just to demonstrate what I need to achieve). So if there's no way for function to actually return the ResultSet via the getResultSet() method (the API is a bit confusing on this regard) I will just simply drop it. – Seba Feb 21 '13 at 22:11
I don't think the API is that confusing. Your function happens to return a ref cursor, but what if it returns an number or a string? What if it has an OUT parameter that returns another ref cursor? JDBC doesn't attempt to parse the SQL so it won't know that bind parameter 1 is a function's return value. And even if it could, I don't think that JDBC should make a special case for a function that happens to return a ref cursor. – Luke Woodward Feb 22 '13 at 9:42
Great, thanks for your answer. – Seba Feb 22 '13 at 13:19

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