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I'm using ajax to retrieve a JSONH formatted data file to populate a web application. This information is cached in localStorage. I only update the client side data if it was last retrieved more than 2 days ago, which makes the app much faster to load.

Everything worked fine until my compressed datafile hit the localStorage size limit.

I now need to re-factor everything and was thinking of moving to a cache based upon indexeddb when the datafile gets bigger than 2MB. If < 2MB, then I'll just stick with localStorage as its reasonably fast.

Has anyone tried and succeeded in developing a client-side cache in indexeddb yet?

Being indexeddb, I can simply store the entire JSONH string (reducing the amount of rewriting in the app) or alternatively, should I extract the data from the JSONH and populate the local indexeddb with the data (necessitating a rewrite of the mechanism for retrieving and displaying the data as well as synchronising the cache).

I'm open to suggestions and recommendations here.

May thanks in advance for any responses.

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Since you have only one object in which you have all your data you can put that in object in the IndexedDB. I use the same solution for my metadata table, it's a table with only one record which is indexed by id and my metadata object has id = 1, and i can easily access that object with the select by key IndexedDB functionality. That object can have as many properties as you need, I'm not aware of object size limitation in IndexedDB.

It's a straight forward solution if you need details i can additionally write example.

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