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I am trying to scrape information from these kind of pages.

I need the information contained under Internship, Residency, Fellowship. I can extract values from tables, but in this case I could not decide which table to use because the heading (like Internship) is present under a div tag outside the table as a simple plain text, and after that the table is present whose value I need to extract. And I have many such pages of this kind, and it is not necessary that each page has these values, like in some pages Residency may not be present at all. (This decreases the total number of tables in the page). One example of such page is this. In this page Internship is not present at all.

The main problem I am facing is all the tables have the same attribute values, so I can not decide which table in to use for different pages. If any value of my interest is not present in a page, I have to return an empty string for that value.

I am using BeautifulSoup in Python. Can someone point, how could I proceed in extracting those values.

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It looks like the ids for the headings and data each have a unique value and standard suffixes. You can use that to search for the appropriate values. Here's my solution:

from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup

# Insert whatever networking stuff you're doing here. I'm going to assume
# that you've already downloaded the page and assigned it to a variable 
# named 'html'

soup = BeautifulSoup(html)
headings = ['Internship', 'Residency', 'Fellowship']
values = []
for heading in headings:
    x = soup.find('span', text=heading)
    if x:
        span_id = x.parent['id']
        table_id = span_id.replace('dnnTITLE_lblTitle', 'Display_HtmlHolder')        
        values.append(soup.find('td', attrs={'id': table_id}).text)

print zip(headings, values)
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Thanks it worked! – Steve Feb 19 '13 at 3:50

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