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I'm using an HTML5 audio player (Speakker). I've created a function to dynamically create a playlist, but I'm not sure how to implement the playlist once I've created it. This seems like the sort of thing that someone with more experience might just take for granted. I hope that's the case.

Create the playlist. Check.

    <?php $playlist= "{\"playlist\": [";?>
    <?php foreach ($items as $item){
        $titlemetadata= metadata($item, array('Dublin Core', 'Title'));
            foreach($item->Files as $file) {
                // print_r($file);
                $sourcemetadata= metadata($file, 'uri');
                $imagemetadata= metadata($file, 'thumbnail_uri');
                if (strpos($file["filename"], 'mp3') !== false) {
                    $playlist .=
                    "\"0\": {\"src\":\"$sourcemetadata\", \"type\":\"audio/mp3\"}, 
                    {\"title\": \"$titlemetadata\",
                    \"poster\": \"$imagemetadata\"}";
    <?php $playlist .= "]}";?>
    <?php echo $playlist;?>

Implement the playlist? Nope.

<audio class="projekktor speakker dark"> <source src= ??THE PLAYLIST?? type="application/json"/> </audio>

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To clarify. The code in the speakker readme shows that the playlist is declared like so: <audio class="projekktor speakker dark"> <source src="speakker-big-1.2.07r157/playlist.json" type="application/json"/></audio> I'd like to use a $playlist variable instead of a json file. The documentation says that I can set a playlist: projekktor('player_a').setFile(playlist); I'm not sure where to put the code, if it's compatible with php, or if it even still works given that the documentation states that it's outdated. Any ideas? –  bspace Feb 20 '13 at 3:22

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I got it worked out. Here's a solution:

<?php $collections=get_records("collection", array("public"=>"true","featured"=>"true"));
  $items=get_records("item", array("collection"=>$current_collection));

  $playlist= "[";
  foreach ($items as $item){
    $titlemetadata= metadata($item, array("Dublin Core", "Title"));
        foreach($item->Files as $file) {
            $sourcemetadata= metadata($file, "uri");
            $imagemetadata= metadata($file, "thumbnail_uri");
            if (strpos($file["filename"], "mp3") !== false) {
                $playlist .=
                "{\"0\": {\"src\":\"$sourcemetadata\", \"type\":\"audio/mp3\"}, 
                {\"title\": \"$titlemetadata\",
                \"poster\": \"$imagemetadata\"}},";
   $playlist .= "]";?>
    $string = '$(document).ready(function() {projekktor(".projekktor").setFile(' . $playlist . ');});';
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