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Can someone explain me how datedif() works in excel. I’m using French verison of Excel 2010. I need to calculate age having two dates: F2(birth date) and G2(session date).

Date of birth SessionDate Age Age in Months Real Age ? 22/09/2005 11/12/2012 7ans-2mois 72 86

When I’m using the formula:


I’m getting a correct Age, so 7years and 2 months. When I want to get the same thing in months only I used the same formula:


The result I’m getting is 72 which seems far from the reality because when I calculate age (7x12)+2 I’m getting 86. Can someone explain me that? Is there any other quick and reliable way to calculate age from two given dates in Excel or in R? Thanx in advance!

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I would suggest sticking to either R or Excel. Asking for answers in both is less likely to get an answer. – N8TRO Feb 19 '13 at 0:42

Your 72 is just a concatenation of the years and months - that doesn't make any sense as there are 12 months in a year. In Excel just use "m" in DATEDIF for total months, i.e.


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=DATEDIF(F2;G2;"Y")& " " & DATEDIF(F2;G2;"ym")

This adds a space and and should tell you what really the problem with that formula is. It is that the two valus are getting concatenated.

"m" and "ym" have different meaning.

You should use =DATEDIF(F2;G2;"m")

Detailed explanation of the parameters for datedif function

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