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  A                                         B
 1 www.harborfreight.com/                   www.harborfreight.com
 2 totsy.com                                totsy.com
 3 www.totsy.com/customer/account/login/    www.totsy.com/customer/account/login
 4 www.pandawill.com/                       www.pandawill.com

I am trying to reduce the above Column A values to their simplest domain name form by removing every character after the first "/". It doesn't work on line 3 above using this formula:


Obviously my formula above seems to be stripping every character after the last "/". Can you please recommend the correct change?

Thanks, Dan

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welcome to stackoverflow. your question is better suited for superuser.com –  Daniel A. White Feb 19 '13 at 1:22
I wouldn't say this is necessarily off topic here, there are thousands and thousands of successful excel questions here. IMO anything about VBA or cell formulas is probably on topic. –  Tim Feb 19 '13 at 1:30

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Your formula seems very convoluted to me, is there a reason you are messing with substitutions?

This seemingly works fine for me:


In that it returns the string before the first /, or just returns the string if / is not found.

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Thanks, you are right. Obvious simplicity works great here! –  user2085313 Feb 19 '13 at 1:40

Use this formula.


It finds the "/" character and returns text before it. Errorproof.

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