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I'm trying to return all rooms that do not exist in the ts_allocation table (i.e. have not been allocated) or have Pending, Failed or Declined status in the ts_allocation table. The rooms can meet one of thouse clauses.

But several values such as D.0.02 are being omitted (please refer to fiddle)? Why is this? It exists in the ts_allocation with the above-mentioned status - but it does not seem to fulfil a certain clause. How can I resolve this?

Here is my SQLFiddle: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!2/e1021/6

  ts_room rm
    SELECT 1
    FROM ts_roompref rp
      JOIN ts_request rq
      ON rp.request_id = rq.id
      AND day_id = 1
      AND period_id = 1
      rm.id = rp.room_id)
    SELECT 1
    FROM ts_roompref rp
      JOIN ts_allocation a
      ON rp.request_id = a.request_id
            AND a.status <> 'Pending'
            AND a.status <> 'Failed'
            AND a.status <> 'Declined'
      rm.id = rp.room_id)
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Please simplify your problem to the relevant parts and post those details not only in the fiddle. –  juergen d Feb 19 '13 at 2:08
duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/14947940/…, do not post the same query multiple times –  Tahbaza Feb 19 '13 at 2:55

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SELECT  rm.* 
FROM    ts_room rm
        LEFT JOIN (
            SELECT  a.*, rp.room_id 
            FROM    ts_roompref rp 
                    INNER JOIN  dbo.ts_allocation a on a.request_id = rp.request_id) x 
                    ON  x.room_id = rm.id
WHERE   x.id is null    
        or (x.id is not null and x.status in ('Pending', 'Failed','Declined'))

x.id is null gives you all rooms that have not been allocated and the or part gives you more results - those rooms that have either Pending, Declined or Failed status.

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