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How do I get a single resultset for a Student that also includes the classroom information - description and the name of the student? Is this possible?

Classroom has a 1-to-N relationship with Student in my current example

Classrooms.first currently returns

Classroom {
  :_id => "5222da075d39f3e4e802000a",
  :description => "Learn english",
  :student_id => "50f9d5bc5d39f30ebb010004"

Classroom.first.student.first currently only returns:

Student {
  :_id => "50f9d5bc5d39f30ebb010004",
  :name => "Michael",
  :classroom_id => "5222da075d39f3e4e802000a"
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you can always override the inspect method of mongoid document, but a work around can be: student.first.as_json(methods: ['classroom']). It will give you a hash with classroom info included. –  rubish Feb 19 '13 at 17:44

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here is one solution:-


It will return a hash with both the model values

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