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I would like to get your opinion on this topic : I'd like to build some social/collaborative app : not much media sharing, but mainly tagging, collaborative text content (as wikis), user profile, tagging and some points system (digg/hackernews-like ?)

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The choice of webapp framework is generally not influenced by the problem domain of webapp that you'll be building. Some frameworks are better at certain processes, like page-flow wizards, but you couldn't really pick one on the basis of your described type of application.

The general advice holds here:

  • pick the framework you're already familiar with, or
  • pick one you think looks easiest, or
  • pick one you want to learn.
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Thank you skaffman ! I would like something with built-in features, a kind of CMS maybe. Indeed, I'm not quite an experienced developer, and am not good at data management and conception, for example. – JayJayECL Sep 29 '09 at 21:30

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