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When I run heroku run rake db:seed I get

Command :: identify -format '%wx%h,%[exif:orientation]' '/tmp/image20130219-2-1gk1yip.png[0]'
Command :: composite -gravity Center /app/public/media/watermark.png "/tmp/image20130219-2-1gk1yip.png[0]" -resize "1x1<" "/tmp/image20130219-2-1gk1yip.png20130219-2-1ng5f6c[0]"
Command :: file -b --mime '/tmp/image20130219-2-1gk1yip.png20130219-2-1ng5f6c'
Command :: identify -format '%wx%h,%[exif:orientation]' '/tmp/image20130219-2-1gk1yip20130219-2-t3caqg.png20130219-2-1ng5f6c[0]'
Command :: convert "/tmp/image20130219-2-1gk1yip20130219-2-t3caqg.png20130219-2-1ng5f6c[0]" -resize "260x190" "/tmp/image20130219-2-1gk1yip20130219-2-t3caqg.png20130219-2-1mz0u16[0]"
Command :: file -b --mime '/tmp/image20130219-2-1gk1yip20130219-2-t3caqg.png20130219-2-1mz0u16'
[paperclip] Saving attachments.

I got my Stuff and valid db record, but image is not recreated in public folder.. If I add image through view form all is good.

My seed

Stuff.create! title: 'title', description: 'desc', :img =>, '/db/seeds/image.png'))


gem 'json'
gem 'haml-rails'
gem 'sass-rails'
gem 'coffee-rails'
gem 'rails_autolink'
gem 'formtastic'
gem 'paperclip'
gem 'rmagick', '2.12.0'
gem 'pg'
gem 'uglifier'
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Found solution.

thx this

and this

and this


gem 'aws-sdk'

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