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I'm supplementing my iAds with AdMob when iAds fails to receive ads. What I'm wondering is if it's ok to just animate alpha to 0 for the banner of the network which is not currently supplying ads. I.e. are the SDKs smart enough to handle this or will Google/Apple think I'm trying to cheat them?

I still want to keep both around in case, for example, during a longer user session iAds starts showing up but then fails to receive ads after a while.

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Not sure about iAd, but I believe AdMob will stop refreshing if it's not visible, so you should be ok.

I'd recommend that you use a mediation solution that can do all of this for you though. AdMob already has a mediation solution that is seamless to integrate if you're already using AdMob. Just go to mediation.admob.com and create a mediation placement. Configure it to use iAd and AdMob with eCPM ordering with iAd at a higher value (so it always gets tried first). Then just swap out your AdMob site ID with the mediation placement ID and pop in the iAd adapter library and you have a mediation solution setup without worrying how to manage the two networks yourselves.

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