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Using Ruby. Fiddle in http://rubyfiddle.com/riddles/c9c29

# code
term = "123 code ruby"
f_term = term.gsub(/\s/, "% %").insert(0, "%").insert(-1, "%")
puts f_term 

# output
%123% %code% %ruby%

How would you refactor my f_term?

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Just Use Word Boundaries

Assuming that all you really want to do is surround each word with percent signs, you don't really need to do all those gymnastics with your string. Just use String#gsub and replace your word boundaries. For example:

term = '123 code ruby'
f_term = term.gsub /\b/, '%'
# => "%123% %code% %ruby%"
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term.gsub(/\b/, '%')  # %123% %code% %ruby%

Since this uses word boundaries, the behavior is slightly different from yours. The /\b/ method will return %cats% for the input cats where yours would have produced %% %% %cats% %% %%

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Very good point. Thanks so much. –  Victor Feb 19 '13 at 3:47

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