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Anybody knows if it possible to edit data in PHPMyAdmin, in table, made by joining two (mysql) tables like this:

FROM product p
JOIN product_language pl ON p.product_id = pl.product_id
AND pl.lang_id =4
ORDER BY p.product_id
LIMIT 0 , 30

If I select only one table, I can edit data in it no problem, but when I join two, I cannot. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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You can't edit joined tables, because there's no way for it to know what you're actually editing. For instance, you could have done "select concat(,'_',p.product_id)". Since phpmyadmin has no way of predicting what you might be showing, it can't let you edit it; it has no way to map that back to a primary key to know how to modify the original data.

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Thanks, I was thinking similarly, asked just in case. – Evgeny Tryastsin Feb 19 '13 at 4:44

The accepted answer omits the fact that it is quite possible to update joined tables in MySQL if you create an updatable view. Whether phpMyAdmin will allow you to edit them might be a different story, but it should, since updatable views have been implemented since MySQL 5.0. Such views certainly can be created and can be edited with UPDATE statements. A view should behave like any other table in this case.

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I was answering the question asked. Whether phpmyadmin should or shouhldn't is irrelevant. It can't. Still, I like the reference. – juacala Mar 7 '13 at 17:56

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