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This is a somewhat homework question and somewhat not. In my homework I had to demonstrate how to merge two Heaps of the same size and estimate it's time complexity. While I was searching for this I read about skew Heaps and the Fibonacci Heap.

My question is, can you combine two heaps of separate sizes to one heap? With all the examples I found online I couldn't get a straight answer from it.

Thanks everyone.

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Did you check this thread? stackoverflow.com/questions/1595333/merge-heaps-algorithm –  Amit Feb 19 '13 at 4:28
I'm sorry. I didn't see that thread. Will check now, thank you. –  Bob Feb 19 '13 at 14:58

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Take an array of size M+N : where M is the size of first array and N is the size of second array. Now insert all the elements into that array and hepify it. Time complexity would be O((m+n)log(m+n)){as each hepify operation takes log(m+n) and we have m+n elements} + the complexity of the insert operation: Theta(m)+Theta(n) + O((m+n)log(m+n))

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