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I would like to select certain elements in form by their name, so I suppose using getElementsByName(name). Then I would like to add a value to these elements. How do I do this loop?

boxesEL = document.getElementsByName(boxesName);

for(var x=0;x<=boxesEL.length;x++){
    boxesEL[x].value = "some value";

I'm getting an error boxesEL[x] is undefined.

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Take out the "=" sign in the comparison in the for loop. You're looping one too many times. Length gives you the number of elements - the maximum index of the collection will be one less, because it's zero based.

for(var x=0; x < boxesEL.length; x++)   // comparison should be "<" not "<="
    boxesEL[x].value = "some value";
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thanks, that was quick. –  Adriana Sep 29 '09 at 21:19

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