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I offered to write an application for a friend who goes across the country collecting information from students about the work experience, etc. I know of ways to do this is WinForms and I could even write it in WPF. My issue, however, is I want to do this in a more appropriate way than what I have in mind.

Currently I would just create several different windows for the different pages of the survey. Then when a user hit next/previous it would close the window and open the appropriate one. All information would be stored in a global class that all windows have access to.

I was thinking in WPF I would create all XAML for the different windows and load those as resources. I would follow a similar procedure as the WinForms I described.

I really want to use WPF so I can get some exposure to it. I have been learning design patterns but this doesn't really seem to fit in this scenario - except maybe a singleton for the data. If you could please point me in the right direction, offer opinions, or any give any other advice that would be appreciated.

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A more flexible approach would be to define the survey structure using data (e.g. an XML file). Then have a single form / page that can generate the required controls based on the data that defines that page. I actually did something very similar and it worked out nicely (I use a database to define the survey structure, but same idea).

If using XML, it could be something like

        <FreeformQuestion text = "What is your name?" maxResponseLength = "50" />
        <ListQuestion text = "What is your gender?>
            <Option value = "M" text = "Male />
            <Option value = "F" text = "Female />

and so forth.

You would then pass the <Page /> node in to your form / page / usercontrol and it would create appropriate UI controls for each question.

You would also want to pass in whether this is the first or last page in order to render Next and Back buttons.

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