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I'm really looking to find the simplest way to get my angular app to use a mock backend service.

any pointers would be great, a sample app that show how to write a simple app the use it would do the job. tnx!

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Here is a sample plunkr using the $httpBackend for a sample with backend-less development as an example to answer this question.

The main things I added to the plnkr to get this to work are:

  1. Referenced the angular-mocks.js file in the html.
  2. Added ngMockE2E in the angular.module requires array on line 3 in app.js
  3. Injected $httpBackend to the app.run and added code to tell the mock backend what to respond with when a GET to a specific URL is requested.

This was mostly taken from the $httpBackend documentation. Note you can do a .passThrough() for any calls where you want to actually hit the backend (bypassing the mock). This is especially useful if portions of the backend are already working.

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