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I have a google spreadsheet and I'm trying to build a webpage using Google sites. I don't want to embed the whole sheet, or even a range of cells. I just want my webpage to display text from some cells in the spreadsheet, and I want to be able to style that text using HTML.

For example, in the value in cell A1 is "There are 3 games today".

I want to be able to put this text in my webpage and then give it a font size, alignment, and put it in a box with a border and curved corners (border radius).

I think there may be several ways of acheiving this but the closest I have got is by inserting an 'Apps script gadget' into the page and using the doGet() method:

function doGet(e){   
var app = UiApp.createApplication();

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById('SPREADSHEET_KEY');
var sheet = ss.getSheetByName("Sheet1");
var range = sheet.getRange('A1');
var dataRange =  range.getValue().toString();

 app.add(app.createHTML("There are " + dataRange + " games today"))
 return app;  

but I dont know how to then add HTML to the webpage to make it look fancy. I haven't even been able to set anything within the script e.g. font alignment. I've tried


but I keep getting errors such as "Cannot find method (class)setHorizontalAlignment(string)". Can anyone kindly point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance

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Most of the style attributes can be set with .setStyleAttributes().


Note: Instead of writing font-size or margin-left, you need to use camelCase.


These are just a few examples of how to use this.

In order to use horizontal alignment, you should use


Use the autocomplete feature of Google Scripts to see all the options that you can use.

If you're already familiar with HTML, then consider using HTML templates to pull variables from the spreadsheet into the HTML. Templated HTML

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Thanks Phil. I also managed to manipulate the data with html by writing html and inline css within Apps Script as a text string! – Vin Feb 19 '13 at 11:37

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