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            var selectedrows = grid.getSelectedRows();            
            var len = selectedrows.length;        
            if(len == 0){                
                alert('Select atleast one row!');
                var r = confirm('Are you sure want to delete selected data?');   
                    var i;
                    var longIdList = new Array();                    
                        var d = grid.getData().getItem(selectedrows[i]);                         
                        if(d != null && d != 'undefined'){
                            var longId =;                               

                    if(longIdList != null){
                        $.each(longIdList, function(index){
                            'longIds' : longIdList,
                            'objlongId': $('.class_list li a.selected').attr('id'),
                            var res = jQuery.parseJSON(response);
                            if(res.code == 0)

HTML Code :

<table class="tablesorter" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1">
        <tr class="headerobj">
            <td><h4>Anant Objects</h4></td>
            <td><div class="utility"><div class="right_section">
                        <div class="pagination">
                            <a class="right inactive" data-action="next">
                            <a class="left inactive" data-action="back">

                    <div class="left_section">

                        <input type="button" class="new_row thickbox" alt="#TB_inline?height=450&width=450&inlineId=addrowContainer" value="+ Row" /> 
                        <button id="bulk_delete_id">- Row</button>                        
                        <input type="button" class="new_field thickbox" alt="#TB_inline?height=450&width=450&inlineId=fieldsContainer" value="Add Field" /> 
                        <input type="button" class="drop_field thickbox" value="delete Field" alt="#TB_inline?height=450&width=450&inlineId=dropfieldsContainer" />
                        <div class="dropdown_container">
                            <button class="more">More<span class="arrow"></span></button>
                            <div class="dropdown" style="display: none;">
                                    <li><button class="drop">Drop Object</button></li>
                                    <li><button class="deleteAll">Delete All</button></li>
        <tr class="nonheader">
            <td class="classes">
                <div class="classes_header">
                    <ul class="class_list">
                        <?php $i = 0;
                        foreach ($anantObjects as $row)
                        { ?>
                            <li><a href="#" id="<?php echo $row['longId']; ?>" class="<?php if ($i == 0) {
                                echo "selected";
                            } ?>">
                                    <div class="name"><?php echo $row['objectName']; ?></div>
                                    <span class="count"><?php echo $row['count']; ?></span>
    <?php $i++;
} ?>
                    <div class="class_utility">                                                
                        <input type="button" id="btnImport" class="thickbox" value="Import" alt="#TB_inline?height=450&width=450&inlineId=importContainer"/>
                        <input type="button" id="btnExport" value="Export" />
            <td class="class_data">
                <div id="gridData"></div>

I am using slick grid for data display. i have delete button for deleting checked rows from slick grid as well as from server. when i click on delete button after selecting rows. rows are deleted successfully but whole click event function is executing more than one time. It again check the length of selected rows n display alert "Select atleast one row!". repeatedly. i can't recognize the mistake. if anyone then please help me.

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and you give us your html codes to...bulk_delete_id part.. – bipen Feb 19 '13 at 5:51
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It sounds like your event handler is getting bound more than once. Since you're using a live event I'm guessing the delete button must be getting added dynamically? If so, that's probably the problem - every time a delete button gets added to the page an new event handler is getting bound to it. Instead of the live event try this:

$('div.left_section').unbind('click').on('click', '#bulk_delete_id', function(e) {
   // event handler code goes here 
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