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I found in few of the previous posts like in here, making use of the chart.isDirtyBox and chart.isDirtyLegend properties. I could not find them in the highcharts API either.

What actually do they do ? Can anybody out there help me get the documentation for these properties or help me explaining the use of these properties, possibly with examples?

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The answer for stackoverflow.com/questions/14915154/… may help. This talks mainly about series.isDirty, the same concept can be extended to legends and the chart container(box) –  Jugal Thakkar Feb 19 '13 at 6:51
Remember that these options are not part of official API, so using them is little hacky. It may be changed any time to other name or even removed. –  Paweł Fus Feb 19 '13 at 14:10

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It's not on documentation, it's only internaly used to know which elements have been changed and have to be redraw.

Highstock v1.2.4

isDirtyBox - Relevant code.

var chart = this,
    isDirtyBox = chart.isDirtyBox;

// redraw axes
each(axes, function (axis) {

    // Fire 'afterSetExtremes' only if extremes are set
    if (axis.isDirtyExtremes) { // #821
        axis.isDirtyExtremes = false;
        afterRedraw.push(function () { // prevent a recursive call to chart.redraw() (#1119)
            fireEvent(axis, 'afterSetExtremes', axis.getExtremes()); // #747, #751

    if (axis.isDirty || isDirtyBox || hasStackedSeries) {
        isDirtyBox = true; // #792

// the plot areas size has changed
if (isDirtyBox) {

isDirtyLegend - Relevant code.

var chart = this,
    redrawLegend = chart.isDirtyLegend,

// handle updated data in the series
each(series, function (serie) {
    if (serie.isDirty) { // prepare the data so axis can read it
        if (serie.options.legendType === 'point') {
            redrawLegend = true;

// handle added or removed series
if (redrawLegend && legend.options.enabled) { // series or pie points are added or removed
    // draw legend graphics

    chart.isDirtyLegend = false;

isDirtyLegend is also used in chart.resize, series.remove and chart.addSeries with the following line.

chart.isDirtyLegend = true; // force legend redraw
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