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I had spent many hours in figuring out the solution to this problem and looking badly for help. Any pointers would be of great help.

I have an image positioned at the top right corner of the page. On click of this i have to show a drop down below the image. Below is the code.

 <div style=\"margin-right: 3px;\"  >
           <div style=\"position:absolute;\">                        
          <a  href=\"javascript:testpopup()\" ><img id =\"Img\" align=\"left\"  src=\"qual.png\" onload=\"javascript:Count()\" /></a>" +

          <div id=\"Count\"    style=\"float: left;\"> </div>         

           <div class=\"Popup_Position\" style=\"position:absolute;display:block;\" > 
               <div id=\"Table\" style=\"position:absolute;display:block;width: 278px;\"    >



The div Count is positioned next to the image and div Table is positioned below the image. It works fine in 100% zoom. But when zoom in/out, the div moves away from the image. Also the content in the zoom overflows and the div size gets changed. Please suggest what can be done.. Thanks..

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Hi you can use this style with image:

 <a  href=\"javascript:testpopup()\" ><img id =\"Img\" align=\"left\"  src=\"qual.png\" onload=\"javascript:Count()\" style=\"max-width:100%;\" /></a>"

This must solve your issue.

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Hi, Tried the solution but no luck. The div still moves away from the image when zoom in /out – later2013 Feb 20 '13 at 13:34

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