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I have the below code in a view. (index.cshtml)

Binding Problem

  • The first drop down selects the correct value, based on the 'ChildItem' editor template.
  • The second example using an inline drop down list does not work I don't want to create an editor template just to display drop down values.
  • The odd thing is that TextBoxFor will show the correct value. This seems to be an issue just with the drop down list.

How do I fix the binding so that the second drop down works? I debugged it. It would appear that ViewData.Eval is not picking up the correct value from _.Children[i].ChooseId.

Update (bug)
This is a confirmed bug (low priority, how?) in the MVC framework

@using (Html.BeginForm())
    for (int i = 0; i < Model.Children.Count(); i++)
       <p>A: @Html.EditorFor(_ => _.Children[i], "ChildItem")</p>
       <p>B: @Html.DropDownListFor(_ => _.Children[i].ChooseId, TestModel.PeopleSelect)</p>
    <button type="submit">GO</button>

I have tried using DropDownListFor(_ => Model.Children[i].ChooseId), same result.
using TextBoxFor(_ => _.Children[i].ChooseId) shows the correct value, wierd?

For reference here is ChildItem.cshtml

@using dropdown.Controllers
@using dropdown.Models
@model dropdown.Models.TestPerson
@Html.DropDownListFor(_ => _.ChooseId, TestModel.PeopleSelect)

It looks like this:

A works, B does not.

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I have subsequently found this: It's a confirmed bug.

The only workaround i have found is this.

Mark Selected Item

@Html.DropDownListFor(_ => _.Children[i].ChooseId, Mark(TestModel.PeopleSelect, Model.Children[i].ChooseId))

Mark Function / Extension Method

@functions {
    private IEnumerable<SelectListItem> Mark(IEnumerable<SelectListItem> items, object Id)
        foreach (var item in items)
            if (string.CompareOrdinal(item.Value, Convert.ToString(Id)) == 0)
                item.Selected = true;
        return items;
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Thanks a lot for this. I'm facing the same issue, because I'm setting the HtmlFieldPrefix to something different. – Mauricio Ramalho Dec 18 '14 at 16:43

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