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In my Maven pom.xml I have the following dependencies:


If I look at the Maven dependencies I find that hibernate-entitymanager depends on hibernate-3.2.6.ga.

Is this correct? Why would it not depend on a 3.3.x version of Hibernate? Does this mean I am using a hybrid 3.2/3.3 version of Hibernate?

Also, I am pulling my dependencies from repo1.maven.org -- should I instead be using repository.jboss.org? For example, repository.jboss.org has a newer version of hibernate-validator.

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The versions of the hibernate components are to a large degree independent of one another. v3.x of component A doesn't necessarily go with v3.x of component B.

This link shows the dependencies between the various components. This confirms that Entity Manager 3.3.2 has a dependency of 3.2.x of Hibernate Core. If you want to use Hibernate Core 3.3.x, you need to use Entity Manager 3.4.0.

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