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I am trying to redirect erroneous page requests - 404 errors - to a custom error page. In order for my servlet, instead of the root servlet, to handle these requests, I entered the following url-pattern:


Unfortunately, this also catches embedded requests for files like *.js, *.css, *.png, *.jpg, and other such files. Is there a way in the deployment descriptor to specify an exclusive pattern? Say, "everything EXCEPT requests with x extension"?

Or is there another way around this that I'm not seeing?

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You can just declare an error page for HTTP 404 errors in the DD as follows.


The container (Tomcat in your case) will then capture any HTTP 404s and forward them on to the page you specify (/notFound.jsp in the example above).

There's some documentation at Sun, and some more at Google Code.

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Awesome, that's exactly what I needed. Not sure why I couldn't figure that out on my own, but thank you very much. – Magsol Sep 29 '09 at 23:45

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