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var layout = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
                //renderTo: 'layout',
                width: window.innerWidth,
                height: window.innerHeight,
                //title: 'Border Layout', //no title will be blank
                layout: 'border',
                items: [{
                    title: 'Message List',
                    region: 'south',     // position for region
                    xtype: 'panel',
                    height: 100,
                    split: true,         // enable resizing
                    collapsible: true,
                    margins: '0 5 5 5',
                    collapsed: true
                    //title: 'Map',
                    region: 'center',     // center region is required, no width/height specified
                    xtype: 'gmappanel',
                    mapConfOpts: ['enableScrollWheelZoom','enableDoubleClickZoom','enableDragging'],
                    mapControls: ['GSmallMapControl','GMapTypeControl','NonExistantControl'],   
                    zoomLevel: 2,
                    gmapType: 'map'
                renderTo: Ext.getBody() //get the body and display Layout at there

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how come my code can't zoom,gmaptype with map and small map? even set center with x,y coordinate also can't work.please help thanks!

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You want to add

    setCenter: {
        'lat': 37.4419,
        'lng': -122.1419,
        marker:{ title: 'Palo Alto'}

in xtype:'gmappanel'.

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I'm also facing same problem, i solved this by changing zoom in GMapPanel.js in the following code section :

options = Ext.applyIf(options, {
        zoom: 4,         // <-- change this to whatever you want
        center: center,
        mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.HYBRID

Note: I did'nt added the above code to GMapPanel.js, it is already there, just find it and change zoom level.

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