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I want to create a boxplot diagram where each x-value has two boxplots right next to each other, kinda like this:

enter image description here

Is this possible? If so, how can I do it?

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+1 for the drawing – Alex L Feb 19 '13 at 7:56
Drawing does not help searches so relevant things to call it would be appreciated. – The Unfun Cat Feb 19 '13 at 9:05
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I don't know if there is a name for this kind of plot but you can create is simply by using the pyplot.bloxplot function and passing in the positions keyword to shift the boxes slightly. Here is an example

x = np.array([1000,2000])
data1 = np.array([np.random.normal(loc=0.5,size=100),np.random.normal(loc=1.5,size=100)]).T
data2 = np.array([np.random.normal(loc=2.5,size=100),np.random.normal(loc=0.75,size=100)]).T

First we create the two sets of data for the left and right boxes and the corresponding x locations. Next we plot each set of data specifiying the position to be x but shifted left and right slightly respectively. Note: Because our x positions are far apart we also have to adjust the widths using the widths keyword. Now we set the correct x-axis limits then finally replace the x-tick locations with the ones we want.

It produces this output:

enter image description here

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