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I'll try to clarify things as clear as possible before I even try to ask for anything. So I'm currently studying at high school as a programmer. Recently my teacher asked of me to create a VCL forms application in RAD Studio XE3, kinda like C program, but only with forms and stuff.

I had to create matrix N*M (eventually 2-D char array) with Latin chars stored into it. Then I had to sort it with insertion sort method. So what have I done so far is, I defined the array, I created a StringGrid1 from which those chars are read. I stored them into 2-D char array, but the hardest thing for me is to make it sort those chars in alphabetical order, but I don't have to sort everything together, only each row individually, and then make the final changes appear back onto StringGrid1 (that's not the problem).

As I said before, I'm having some major difficulty making that sort thing work. I've gone through a billion examples, searched Google for like solid AGE. It would've been nothing if those were integer values, but I hardly can even bear the thing that C hates String values.

My program:


This is how I managed to read from StringGrid1 chars and store them into array[i][j]. mmax and nmax is used for telling how far to read, as user can chose the row and col count himself.

    for(int i=0; i < mmax; i++)    //Rindas (kolonnas)
        for(int j=0; j < nmax; j++) //Kolonnas (rindas)
                char * temp = (char*)(StringGrid1->Cells[i][j]).c_str();    //Nolasam no Edit lauka char elementu
                array[i][j] = temp[0];       //Piešķiram masīvam šo elementu
                ListBox1->Items->Add(array[i][j]);    //Ierakstam ListBox1 masīva elementu
                Button3->Enabled = False;
                Button6->Enabled = True;

StringGrid1->Options = StringGrid1->Options >> goEditing;  //Neatļauj lietotājam rediģēt StringGrid1 laukus

So, now for the sort thing... How do I do that? I'm out of clues. How does one sort chars from 2-D, sot that each row should be sorted individually, for example, there are 5 rows, and each row is being sorted one by one.

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First things first, you are not filling your array correctly. This line:

char * temp = (char*)(StringGrid1->Cells[i][j]).c_str();

Obtains a temporary String instance from the Cells property, grabs a pointer to its internal data via its c_str() method, and then frees the String when it goes out of scope, leaving the pointer dangling so that it is not valid on this line:

array[i][j] = temp[0];

Your array happens to end up with the right character values, but only because a String's internal data is reference counted, and the TStringGrid still has active references to the original String values, so the String data does not get physically freed from memory yet, so your temp pointer is still pointing at the original memory that is still alive, but that is an implementation detail that you should not rely on.

Use this instead:

String temp = StringGrid1->Cells[i][j];
array[i][j] = temp[1]; // or temp.c_str()[0]

Or this:

array[i][j] = StringGrid1->Cells[i][j][1]; // or StringGrid1->Cells[i][j].c_str()[0]

Now, with that said, the actual sorting logic is fairly easy, especially if you use the STL to do the actual sorting for you, eg:

#include <algorithm>

for(int i=0; i < mmax; i++)
    std::sort(&(array[i][0]), &(array[i][nmax]));

If you need more control over the sorting, you can use a custom comparison function:

#include <algorithm>

bool my_compare(char a, char b)
    // return true if the first argument is less than the second, otherwise return false.

for(int i=0; i < mmax; i++)
    std::sort(&(array[i][0]), &(array[i][nmax]), my_compare);
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