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Is it possible to draw a wpf control to memory (Bitmap) without drawing on the screen at all?
I found an example of how to save to Bitmap, but it only works when the window has been drawn in the screen.

BitmapImage bitmap = new BitmapImage();
    RenderTargetBitmap renderTarget =
    new RenderTargetBitmap((int)canvaspad.Width,
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As the control has no parent container, you need to call Measure and Arrange in order to do a proper layout. As layout is done asynchronously (see Remarks in Measure and Arrange), you also need to call UpdateLayout to force the layout to be updated immediately.

public BitmapSource RenderToBitmap(UIElement element, Size size)
    element.Arrange(new Rect(size));

    var bitmap = new RenderTargetBitmap(
        (int)size.Width, (int)size.Height, 96, 96, PixelFormats.Default);

    return bitmap;

In case you have already set the Width and Height of the element you may use that for the size parameter:

var grid = new Grid
    Width = 200,
    Height = 200,
    Background = Brushes.Yellow

    new Ellipse
        Width = 100,
        Height = 100,
        Fill = Brushes.Blue

var bitmap = RenderElement(grid, new Size(grid.Width, grid.Height));
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This scheme does not work! At least on my Grid Control contains a few items inside. As long as the item is not rendered on the screen in bitmap black rectangle. –  Mixer Feb 19 '13 at 10:17
I added a call UpdateLayout() and everything working –  Mixer Feb 19 '13 at 10:32
You may consider to accept a few of the answers you got to your questions. See here how it works. –  Clemens Feb 19 '13 at 10:49

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