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In my c# program, I have a method that return an IList<Customer> list, how can I cast it to BindingList<Customer> ?

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var yourList = new List<Customer>();
var listBinding = new BindingList<Customer>(yourList);

BindingList Constructors

You don't need to do a cast, just provide the BindingList<T> class constructor with IList<T>, which you have.

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BindingList constructor takes IList parameter, use it:

var binding = new BindingList<Customer>(list); //where list is type of IList<Customer>
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        IList<Customer> list = new List<Customer>();

        var bindingList = new BindingList<Customer>(list);
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Unfortunately you can not cast an IList to something its not. However you can create a new BindingList from it fairly easy by just passing your IList into its constructor.

BindingList<Customer> bindingList = new BindingList<Customer>(yourIList);
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Additional information: IBindingList inherits from IList: So IBindingList shares all properties and function signatures with IList. So, IList implementations can readily "fit" IBindingList implementations.

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