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I use rails v 2.3.14

I add route in routes.rb

  map.with_options :controller => 'consumer_profile' do |m|
    m.consumer_profile_show_coupons 'consumer/:id/coupons', :action => 'show_coupons', :requirements => {:id => /c-[0-9a-zA-Z]+/}

I add def in consumer_profile_controller.rb

  def show_coupons

I add file consumer_profile/show_coupons.html.erb rake routes:

consumer_profile_show_coupons      /consumer/:id/coupons                                                                               {:action=>"show_coupons", :controller=>"consumer_profile"}

but when I use seo_consumer_profile_coupons_url(current_user.consumer_profile) that rails says:

undefined method `seo_consumer_profile_coupons_url'

Have any ideas?

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I pointed out the direct :controller=>'consumer_profile',:action=>'show_coupons' in link_to, it works...

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