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I have exported outlook email data to excel.

Now,another problem that I have come across is that the PR_LAST_VERB_EXECUTION_TIME do not display as the same date formats.

The dates can be in ddmmyyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM or mmddyyyy hh:mm format ( Please refer to the img ).
I have also made sure that all the cells format are general.

Is it possible to standardize the date format or there might be any other reasons causing this?
Display as different date formats (ddmmyyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM or mmddyyyy hh:mm)

my code is as follows:

For Each itm In Items
'Check item type
If TypeName(itm) = "MailItem" Then
intColumnCounter = 1
Set msg = itm
intRowCounter = intRowCounter + 1
Set rng = wks.Cells(intRowCounter, intColumnCounter)
rng.Value = GetLastVerb(msg)
End If

Function GetLastVerb(olkMsg As Outlook.MailItem) As String

Dim intVerb As Integer
intVerb = GetProperty(olkMsg, "")
Select Case intVerb
    Case 102
        Debug.Print ("Reply to Sender")
        GetLastVerb = GetLastVerbTime(olkMsg)
    Case 103
        Debug.Print ("Reply to All")
        GetLastVerb = GetLastVerbTime(olkMsg)
    Case 104
     Debug.Print ("Forward")
        GetLastVerb = olkMsg.ReceivedTime
    Case 108
     Debug.Print ("Reply to Forward")
        GetLastVerb = GetLastVerbTime(olkMsg)
    Case Else
     Debug.Print ("Unknown")
        GetLastVerb = olkMsg.ReceivedTime
End Select
End Function

Public Function GetProperty(olkItm As Object, strPropName As String) As Date
Dim olkPA As Outlook.PropertyAccessor
Set olkPA = olkItm.PropertyAccessor
GetProperty = olkPA.GetProperty(strPropName)
Set olkPA = Nothing
End Function

Function GetLastVerbTime(olkItm As Object) As Variant
GetLastVerbTime = GetDateProperty(olkItm, "")
End Function

Public Function GetDateProperty(olkItm As Object, strPropName As String) As Date
Dim olkPA As Outlook.PropertyAccessor
Set olkPA = olkItm.PropertyAccessor
GetDateProperty = olkPA.UTCToLocalTime(olkPA.GetProperty(strPropName))
Set olkPA = Nothing
End Function
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The reason behind it very simple

The function GetLastVerb calls other functions which return a Date or a variant and then finally GetLastVerb returns a string. The best way is to simply format the output before writing it to the range

If you are not concerned with the type of final output i.e whether it is a string or a date then replace rng.Value = GetLastVerb(msg) by rng.Value = Format(GetLastVerb(msg), "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM")

If you want a proper date output then, format the column as relevant date/time format and then use formula to update the cell

For example

Columns("A:A").NumberFormat = "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM"

rng.FormulaR1C1 = Format(GetLastVerb(msg), "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM")
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Another thing is that i have also included Case else where emails are not being replied and the GetLastVerb = olkMsg.ReceivedTime. It also gives different formats – user1043870 Feb 21 '13 at 1:02
We will come to that later. Did the above suggestion work> – Siddharth Rout Feb 21 '13 at 5:28

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