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I've got a Flex application running on a JBoss server, with dev/QA/production environments. The application needs to coordinate with some other services, also with QA/prod instances. Currently I'm sending the current URL in via javascript values, like this:


    "FlashVars", "myhost=" + location.hostname,


switch (mx.core.Application.application.parameters.myhost) {
   case "qa.servername.com":
       xmlURL = "http://server.com/qa.xml";

and so on. I'd rather not do that though; I'd rather edit a .properties file in JBoss to identify a particular machine as QA or Production and access that value via Flex. Any way to do that?

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Unless you deploy the properties file with your web app, you won't be able to access them directly in Flex. So you'll need a remote object or a httpservice to retrieve these values.

If you do deploy the properties file with the web app, Spring ActionScript has support for loading properties files: http://www.springactionscript.org/docs/reference/html/container-documentation.html#external_property_files

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You could create a small servlet that accesses this properties file and sends the appropriate value to the Flex app.

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