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I downloaded a personal development certificate from the Apple Developer center and imported it to my keychain. Now, I want to export it as a .p12 file and encrypt it with a password. When I right click the certificate in the Keychain tab Certificates, and press the Export button, the .p12 option is not highlighted/available. Instead of the other 3 options (.cer, .pem, .p7b), which are available.

I tried a couple of things yet, like adding the Apple ID, which was used to create the certificate, to System preferences->Users and Groups->My account, but that didn't solve it. The certificate was created on a different Macbook than I'm using now.

Is it possible to export it as a .p12 in any way?

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The missing .p12 option means that you only have either the private key or the certificate on your machine. You need both of these to generate a .p12 (and incidentally, you'll need both the private key and certificate to sign your apps).

So, find out which of these you're missing, add the missing piece to Keychain, and the .p12 option will be available.

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Thanks for your answer. The certificate is in the Keychain, so it might be the private key. Since the private key is on the machine where the certificate is created, it won't be possible to create a .P12 on my machine, right? – Tomzie Feb 19 '13 at 9:45
When you first generated your developer certificate, you first had to create a CSR (certificate signing request) with Keychain. This puts the private key in your Keychain. You then submit the CSR to the Apple Developer portal, which would give you the certificate back. So, short answer is, the machine you did that initial CSR step from would have the private key in its Keychain (if it hasn't been deleted). – tom Feb 19 '13 at 9:47
Thanks for you answer. – Tomzie Feb 19 '13 at 9:48

One point of interest: the Keychain Assistant window has a "Category" list in the lower part of the left panel. You can only export a p12 from the "Certificates" view.

In the "All" view, you can see the certificates and the keys alongside, so that they're distinct items with no possibility of multiple selection; in the Certificates view, there's a tree structure with keys as child items of certificates, so that selecting a certificate implicitly selects the corresponding private key too.

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lol, This answer was the right one I've been searching for a long time. – Maggie Phillips Apr 19 at 7:23

You can check in your keychain whether the private key is associated with the development certificate. You can export the private key and certificate as .p12 only if it is there.

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Just select Certificate from the left panel to export it as .p12 Just select Certificate from the left panel to export it as .p12

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