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I have this situation where I am required to show where if user does not enter right password, the program will place an appropriate message in a session & will Dispatch back to the login jsp page and display the message.

I checked this one as well, Redirect to the same page but with a message in it

But when I try implement the answer, the eclipse gives me a red line over the code.

Here is my code,

String message = "Wrong Password!";

HttpSession session = session.setAttribute("message", message);

The error shown is Type Mismatch: Cannot Convert to from void to HttpSession

Any ideas where I am wrong or how can I do this?

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the eclipse gives me a red line over the code then there is some error. You need to tell us what error it shows – Simze Feb 19 '13 at 9:34
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session.setAttribute("message", message);

this return type is void, hence your pionting to HttpSessoin Object, so it is giving showing complier error.

Use this

HttpSession session = request.getSession(true);
session.setAttribute("message", message);
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Bad design! This kind of error should be in request scope, not in session scope. – Luiggi Mendoza Feb 20 '13 at 5:11

session.setAttribute() returns "void" and not "HttpSession".

You need to get the session from the request and then use setAttribute() on the session attribute.

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Simply the setAttribute() method wont return a session object.

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HttpSession session = session.setAttribute("message", message);

Above line is wrong. you need to do just a...

session.setAttribute("message", message);

That's it. And on jsp page while getting session value.



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