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I'm struggling with this issue for several hours, and I can't find any solution. Does someone used ServiceStack to upload multiple files with one POST request?

I was trying to use PostFile:

  FileInfo fi = new FileInfo("ExampleData\\XmlAPI.xml");
  var client = new XmlServiceClient("http://localhost:1337");
  client.PostFile<DefaultResponse>("/test", fi, "application/xml");

But here I am able to add only one file to the request. My second shot was to use LocalHttpWebRequestFilter but inside there is only a extension method which also allows to post only one file.

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There are currently no API's in ServiceStack's client HTTP or Service Clients that allow multiple file uploads. You would need to make your own extension method and that posts multiple files with the multipart/form-data Content-Type or use an alternative HttpClient that supports multiple file uploads.

The source code of ServiceClientBase.PostFileWithRequest and WebRequest.UploadFile extension method shows an example of how to create a multipart/form-data HTTP Request.

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