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I am using a ListView and a WebView in single page. Now the problem is that I am unable to scroll using mouse wheel in WebView if I keep switching between ListView and WebView. In order to scroll WebView I have to click on it first which I don't want. I found lot of people are facing the same problem but there is no suitable answer. Following are some of them:

I found out Yahoo mail app in store. It has the similar interface as mine (ListView and a preview) and works flawlessly. There is no problem in scrolling if you switch between ListView and preview. I am not able to find if they are using the WebView or some other HTML control.

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Different UI stacks don't usually work well together and Yahoo! Mail is an html app so it doesn't suffer from that problem. If you don't need the WebView to animate you could try switching it to a WebViewBrush when it is inactive and only show the actual WebView when it's updating content. Then you could perhaps handle mouse events on a Rectangle filled with that WebViewBrush by invoking some JavaScript in the WebView to scroll the content. Other than that I think while there might be some other hacks to get it to work perfectly - but it might take you days if not weeks of research that is still likely to fail.

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Even I was expecting that Yahoo mail is an html app. That's why it is working flawlessly. – Vivek Feb 20 '13 at 12:12
One more solution is to get rid of the WebView completely. In some cases you can parse the HTML and convert it to a XAML layout. – Filip Skakun Feb 20 '13 at 15:35

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