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Fatal error: Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _FILES in C:\xampp\htdocs\user\utils\CommonUtils.php on line 1395

The code on line 1395 is

public static function saveAvatar($code, $pilotid, $_FILES) {
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you can't use $_FILES for function parameter it's reserved word, use this instead of

public static function saveAvatar($code, $pilotid, $files) { }

and for calling pass the $_FILES like this

saveAvatar($code, $pilotid, $_FILES);


You can also directly access the $_FILES without passing it in function parameter inside function.

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You're trying to set a variable called $_FILES in local scpe as an argument to the saveAvatar() method; but can't because it's one of the special superglobals.

Change the line to

public static function saveAvatar($code, $pilotid) {

The $_FILES superglobal will still be available to that method simply because it is a superglobal

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