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I've written a PC application using Winforms/C++. I'm trying to get some data from an external EEPROM into my PC, I do this when I click a button on my Winforms Application. The downloading takes a lot of time to complete so I have a textbox where I kinda of indicate to the user by first displaying "Downloading Voltage fluctuation data. Please wait...", then I call the function which starts downloading the data(Takes about 30 seconds), finally I print a "done!".

But the problem I'm facing is that my first line "Downloading Voltage fluctuation data. Please wait..." is not displayed instantly it gets displayed along with "done!" only after 30 seconds, which is not serving the purpose.

I'm not new to C++ but this is my first attempt to make use of WinForms, so I don't know what I should do to bring the text up instantly.

Is there a function to flush the text to the richtextbox, explicitly?

My code for the button is as below.

private: System::Void button4_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e)

        this->richTextBox1->Text += "\n> Downloading Voltage fluctuation data...";


        this->richTextBox1->Text += " done!";
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It's because the update happens next time your program runs its event handling loop. And since you block that with a lengthy function call it doesn't happen.

One possible solution is to use a separate thread to do the downloading, and that thread notifies the main GUI thread of it's status.

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You will see update once button4_Click(...) returns as currently Download_EEPROM_data() call is blocking it. You can use a separate thread which download the data from eeprom and as done inform the main thread and it can post "done" message.

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