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In my .emacs file I have (delete-selection-mode t) to enable the delete-selection-mode globally. Currently I'm working on a TeX file with AUXTeX, so it might be related to AUCTeX, but I don't know.

At first, after visiting a file foo.tex everything works fine, and typing over a marked text replaces the marked text with the one I type. However, after some time, during which I compile the document, add TeX macros, etc. the functionality of the delete-selection-mode doesn't work any more.

I don't know which action of mine is the one which causes the problem - it would be hard to trace it.

Note that although the functionality of the delete-selection-mode fails, when I try to enable it (M-x delete-selection-mode) I get a message that the mode was disabled! That is it was not disabled before - it just didn't work... I I then enable it (M-x delete-selection-mode again), then it is enabled and working again. Till the next fail...

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Under the hood, the mode use pre-command-hook, which allows commands to run things right before every command. Emacs is known to clear this variable in the event of an error (just to make sure that Emacs don't hang). This mean that the function used by delete-selection-mode, or any other mode that use this hook, triggered an error.

How to fix it? Find what caused the error, wrap the function in a ignore-errors block, or run a timer re-adding the function every ten seconds or so.

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