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Trying to get a lift project to run on windows, I've installed maven on my computer, then tried to use

mvn archetype:generate from cmd, then chose the lift basic one , but it always failed on the jetty:run part. Before that, I had to change a lot of the pom.xml file to even get a successful build (since the tutorial I was using was obsolete and it couldn't find the dependencies).

So I've decided to try with the eclipse plugin, thinking it should be easier. I've installed the maven plugin for eclipse and created a project with the lift archetype. The project was succesfully created, but I have all kinds of errors in the editor for missing ; and so on (I have scala ide installed on eclipse also and creating a normal scala project works and compiles/runs fine). I have also tried to include the scala-library.jar in the buildpath, with no change.

The odd part is that I can run the cmd and go to the project folder, then run mvn jetty:run and it will actually work (?!) Trying to run in eclipse with jetty:run as goal will give me ClassNotFoundException on the HelloWorld snippet.

So what might be wrong with my settings?

UPDATE: no luck whatsoever, after trying 3 different eclipse versions, installing the maven for scala plugin and following every tutorial I could find. It just simply feels all is outdated on the instructions: this is how it looks after I include the scala libraries for eclipse on every project (after I create it from an archetype): enter image description here

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is this "mvn archetype:generate" up to date? I don't know if anybody guarantees it will work at all.. Anyway, the default way to at least try Lift and see it working is the following: https://github.com/lift/lift_25_sbt

It uses "Simple Build Tool" instead of maven, but maven should work, too. Also, you can easily read "build.sbt" to get all the dependencies. Plugins for creating eclipse/intellij project definitions are included. (See the README of the demo project.)

The target to create eclipse project is "eclipse" or "eclipse with-sources=true". The target to launch the app is "container:start".

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thanks for pointing me to a valid/up to date guide –  Ameoo Feb 19 '13 at 11:49

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