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I created a SQL object:

create type foo_type as object (
        bar integer(2),
        bar2  varchar(200),

        member function get return integer

and I implemented my type's body:

CREATE TYPE BODY foo_type as
member function get return integer is
   return bar;

Then I created a table with this type:

CREATE TABLE test_table(
    foo1 foo_type

and I inserted a row:

INSERT INTO test_table (foo1) VALUES (foo_type(1, 'a'))

I would like that this is callable like this:

SELECT foo1.get() FROM test_table

but it doesn't works.

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you have to use an alias when referencing type methods/attributes.

eg alias the table to t:

SQL> INSERT INTO test_table (foo1) VALUES (foo_type(1, 'a'));

1 row created.

SQL> select t.foo1.get() from test_table t;

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