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i am building a interactive map (google map api) of Italy. I want to use polygons to show the regions and ech region has a different color (overlay). So on every region page the visitor get a nice overview where the region is.

Is there a site where i can download the lat/lon coordinates of the regions of Italy? I tried google but with no succes...


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You can find the way to do it here stackoverflow.com/questions/12194046/… – Shouvik Feb 19 '13 at 10:06

Check out this man,


it will help you.

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Right click on the map (maps.google.com) and choose "What's here?", and you will get the coords

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Here is an interesting site if you are still looking, They contain polygons of virtually every country and other related data. HTH


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In addition to the Natural Earth Data set (which is available in FusionTables), a good source of country polygons and sub-region polygons is gadm.org

KMZ can be displayed directly using the Google Maps API v3, but there are other formats available.

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